Since 1978. the Thailand Hornbill Project hasbeen actively conducting research on the biological and ecological aspects of hornbills and has expended its research into the forests of western and southern Thailand. In the southern provinces including Pattani.Narathiwat andYala, the project has received  overwhelming coorporation from localvillagers, who previously earned extra money (to add to their 1,500-3,000 baht monthly income) by selling hornbill chicks stolen from their nests and other wildproducts.

By having villagers to help in looking after of hornbills andcollecting research data, the Project aims to create awareness in hornbill conservation of nature in general among local people. At present, the Projecthas the following hornbill nests under its care and protection for scientificdata collection purposes.

In pursuing these funding is extremely crucial.



1. To subsidize local villagers in their determination andefforts to conserve hornbills.
2. To study the biological and ecological aspects of hornbills, which arecurrently on the verge of extinction
3. To allow villagers to collect biological and ecological data ofhornbills for research purposes, and to monitor and secure longterm hornbillpopulations in the area.

List of Hornbills

  1. Great Hornbill rate per year US$ 150.00
  2. Wreathed Hornbill rate per year US$ 150.00
  3. Rhinoceros Hornbill rate per year US$ 150.00
  4. Helmeted Hornbill rate per year US$ 150.00
  5. White-crowned Hornbill rate per year US$ 150.00
  6. Bushy-crested Hornbill rate per year US$ 150.00

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Hornbill Research Foundation
C/O Department of Microbiology,
Faculty Of Science Mahidol Unversity
Rama6 Rd., Bangokok 10400 Thailand

Tel : +66-2-201-5532 ,+66-2-644-5411
Email : , ,

Wire transfer to

Account Name : Hornbill Research Foundtion
Account number : 026-2-75910-2
Bank name : The Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited
(Ramathibodi Branch)
Bank address : Ramathibodi Branch, Rama 6 Rd., Bangkok 10400, THAILAND

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