Life Cycle

Hornbills have to deal with issues in life that are not entirely different from those faced by human beings, like starting a new family, or the father and mother hornbills dividing responsibilities between themselves to look after the young, or teaching the young to become a member of society and learn its role as part of that society.

For hornbills, starting a family begins with finding a mate, just like humans who start off by, getting married, followed by looking for a nest cavity, which compares to humans looking for a home. The female hornbill laying and incubating her eggs is comparable to a wife during her pregnancy, the hatching process of the chicks is the hornbill equivalent to delivering a baby, and then the male and female looking after the hornbill chicks in the nest cavity has similarities to parents looking after a baby.

A young chick, mature enough to leave the nest cavity but remaining with its parents, learns how to feed itself and fend off predators until it is strong enough and ready to look for itself or hunt for  its own food, and is like a young human staying within the security of its parent’s home until such time as they have developed the skills to go out in the world and build a new family. This is just the ordinary cycle of life.