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Writing manuscript for journal publication

Date Thursday 25th May 2023 (Time to be confirmed)

The focus of this workshop is to assist young researchers/students in writing their first paper for international publication.

The workshop will cover topics including the structure of a scientific paper, selecting an appropriate journal, the ethics of authorship, and how to handle responses from journal editors. Depending on demand, there may be opportunities for young authors to have drafts of their manuscripts reviewed by experienced authors and to provide them with suggestions about paper structure and form, although detailed comments about a particular topic may not be possible.

About the instructor: Associate Professor George Andrew Gale

George works at the School of Bioresources and Technology, KMUTT, Thailand. He graduated Ph.D. (Ecology) from University of Connecticut, U.S.A. Research of Interests are Ecology and conservation biology. Currently he is advising various MSc. and Ph.D. students at KMUTT with a wide range of conservation and ecology projects, mostly focusing on globally threatened birds and mammals.

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Elements of Study Design

Date Thursday 25th May 2023 (Time to be confirmed)

In this workshop, we will teach participants how to design ecological studies. Ecological studies must be designed well to allow us to determine the impact of the ecological or anthropogenic predictors on the response variable with a certain level of confidence. This half-day course will discuss the fundamentals of designing an ecological or conservation science study. This will include aspects like replication and pseudoreplication, independence, interspersion, some standard study designs and the use of basic statistics in interpreting patterns in data.

About the Instructor: Dr. Rohit Naniwadekar

Rohit is a Scientist at the Nature Conservation Foundation, India. He completed his Master’s in Wildlife Sciences at the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun in 2005 and his PhD from the Nature Conservation Foundation and Manipal University in 2014. His work straddles research and conservation with major focus being on endangered hornbills. His research aims to understand the ecological role of hornbills and other frugivores in tropical forests and the impacts of hunting, habitat degradation and fragmentation on them. He is currently collaborating with artists with an aim to sensitize different stakeholders about endangered species and the need for their conservation.

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