8th International Hornbill Conference

8th International Hornbill Conference

Conference date

22nd to 24th May 2023, hybrid conference.

Venue for in-person participation:

Kasetsart University (KU), Faculty of Forestry, Bangkok, Thailand.

The virtual part of the conference will be held using the WebEx platform. The link will be shared with participants nearer the conference date.

The 8th IHC includes six sessional topics as follows:

  • Hornbill evolutionary biology and genetics
  • Hornbill ecology (feeding, roosting and nesting ecology & behaviour; population estimations and monitoring)
  • Functional role of hornbills (studies on seed dispersal, frugivory)
  • Threats to hornbills (studies evaluating threats to hornbills due to hunting, logging, forest loss, trade, etc.)
  • Impacts of Climate Change on hornbills
  • Applied hornbill conservation – including community-based conservation, captive breeding, re-introduction, nest-boxes, etc.

Registration and fees (on and before 31st March 2023):

  • Virtual @ USD 60 per person (all Thai and international participants), USD 40 per person (all students).
  • In-person* @ USD 180 per person (developing and under developed countries), @ USD 280 per person (for developed countries).
  • Students @ USD 100 per person.

Registration for In-person participation after 31st March 2023, will be charged 10% more.
Note: * For in-person attendees only; fees include access to all conference sessions, conference kit, lunches and tea refreshments during the conference period.
To register, please send email to contact.8thihc@gmail.com.

Information about accommodations and how to get there is available on the website of Hornbill Research Foundation (Accommodations).

Host institutions:

In collaboration with:

Map of Kasetsart University (KU), Faculty of Forestry, Bangkok, Thailand.

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